The adventure

Make your dreams come true on our wings - fly free as a bird with a tandem hang glider and paraglider flight in Rio de Janeiro. Our pilots are the safest and the best instructors available, use the best equipment and will share with you this unforgettable adventure. That's a real lifetime experience. We offer high quality digital images (pictures and video) and also have available transportation to the flight zone.

The Flight Zone

Fly tandem hang glider over one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We take off from Pedra Bonita mountain, a massive rock formation that is on the same ridge of Pedra da Gávea and Corcovado, 520 m (1700 ft) high, soar smoothly over the tropical Tijuca Forest and land at Pepino beach, on its soft and white sand and clear water, located in the south zone of the Rio de janeiro city.

Who can fly

Anyone with normal weight and health and over 16 years old can do it, and only a light running to take off is necessary.

The Team
We have the best and most experienced team, our pilots have been flying for more than 25 years with thousands and thousands of flights. Our job is to make this adventure with great pleasure and total safety, so relax and come to fly with us.


Book your flight

The tandem flight is an instructional flight - the first one to introduce you in the sport. Therefore, you must sign a waiver in our Flight Association accepting the responsibility and assuming the awareness about the risks inherent in this kind of activity. In order to make your reservation please contact us.


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