Faq - frequently asked questions

- Is the Triple Flight allowed?
No, it is only allowed for two persons: the pilot + the passenger

- How far in advance should I make the reservation?
It will depend on the season - in the high one (summer) the demand is very large. Each pilot can perform only 4 flights in a day so it's good to book as early as possible to guarantee your place.

- Where is the launch zone?
We take off from Pedra Bonita (520 meters high), in the Tijuca National Park, beside the Pedra da Gávea Stone. The meeting point is at Pepino beach in São Conrado. The first step is to go into the Flight Club, where you will associate (paying a 40 reais rate) and sign a liability waiver.

- Why do I have to associate to the Flight Club?
According the current aviation standards you must be a flight student in order to fly tandem with a instructor on any experimental aircraft (such as hang gliders, paragliders, gliders and motorized ultralight). So even just for a single flight you have to associate to CSCVL and sign a liability waiver in which assume that you know the inherent risks in this kind of sport. It is an obligatory and brief procedure and costs 40 reais per person. The flight is only allowed for age more than 16 years old.

- What are the risks?
Like any kind of aviation there are some risks involved but totally manageable in the operation. We rely mainly on three fundamental factors: human (pilot experience and preparation), material (equipment condition) and environmental (atmospheric conditions). In the case of a double flight, it also requires a important student participation during the takeoff. However, consider the strong positive statistics numbers and choose a good and experienced pilot. We at FlyTourBrazil have been flying for almost three decades thousands and thousands of times without any negative occurrence.

- What is the difference between hanggliding and paragliding? What is the safest?
The hanggliders have a better aerodynamics, produce less drag and fly faster thanks to its structure, shape and position (you fly in a laid position beside the pilot). Paragliders have a slower flight and you go sitting in front of the instructor. On a hangglider, its flight position is more "bird" and aerodynamical with a full view down but paragliders are the most suitable for heavy students (over 200 pounds or 90 kg) due to their increased sail area, which generates more lift. Under normal conditions and equivalent weights, the time in the air for both is about the same.The flight safety depends on the pilot and not on the equipment because although there are many operational differences between them the instructor has always the final word: he decides to take off or not.

- What about the flight equipment? Are they fully reliable?
We only use the best gears, there is no improvisation! They are first-rate class equipment, periodically renewed and maintained with aviation accuracy. The aircrafts, flight´s harnesses and emergency parachutes are manufactured by reputable and specialized industries with a lot of tradition around the world. Our aim is to enjoy the free flight within the highest safety standard possible.

- What is the best time to fly? Can we fly on a cloudy day?
Usually at morning the flights are smoother than during afternoon due to increasing wind. For a first flight we recommend to book at morning. About the presence of clouds, depending on its type, height and displacement, can mean great flights but in the other side can also cause its cancellation. The São Conrado valley has unique characteristics, so let the pilot check and recommend you the time and condition so that you have the best experience possible.

- How many photos we take in flight? How the images are given to me?
We use professional GoPro cameras making simultaneously and automatically panoramic photos in high definition (12M) and filming in high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) at different angles (normally front and side) providing a complete record of the experience. The images are then displayed after landing and offered to the customer. After all they can be downloaded from the internet and optionally can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or recorded in a DVD disc, pen drive or memory card.

- What is the price to fly? How is the payment?
The instructional tandem flight is charged. Our equipment is imported, expensive and requires constant maintenance. And more: in order to the pilot reaches the instructor level he must be fully engaged in the activity, raising the maximum amount of technical experience, which involves considerable expenses. The tandem flights are paid individually and preferably in cash (reais or dollars). We also accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard, but the offered deals and discounts are for cash payments and cannot be applied to credit payment. To know more about the costs, please contact us.

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